Local Commercials

Create Compelling Local Commercials


Can you remember a local commercial that seemed to stick with you?
Do impressive local commercials compel you to action?
Has a local brand ever captivated you with a story in just a few seconds?

Those are the kinds of local commercials we create at MediaCOM.

Local commercial often fall flat and fail to compel the viewer. This happens because most local companies lack the funding to invest in a high-quality TV commercial production. But that’s not the case with MediaCOM! We create commercials that help make your business the talk of the town.

The more people get to talking, the more interested the will become in what you offer. This creates a word of mouth that will draw customers in with a desire to see your commercial and purchase from your business.


Why Choose MediaCOM for Local Commercials?

You must creatively communicate your product or service with potential customers. Creating high-quality local commercials is a proven way to do that. Some studios will create a simple video, but MediaCOM captures a story that helps your business stand out in the local community.

Producing a successful local commercial requires a lot of knowledge, skill and hard work. Sometimes people think commercials are easy because of its short duration, but nothing could be further from the truth. Enlisting proper talent and expertise, creating a story and integrating compelling call-to-actions makes local TV commercial production one of our most intensive forms of video services for Stamford businesses.

With over 30 years of experience working on Cable and National TV Commercials, our team knows how to create commercials that get results. We understanding the technical requirements of CableTV and Broadcast TV, because we have done this for other companies time and time again.