Credit:  Jennefer Brunett

Video is an increasingly important tool in all aspects of marketing. It’s especially important when it comes to employer branding. You want people to feel compelled to join your team as much as you want people to feel compelled to purchase your products or services. You’ll never see the success you deserve if you don’t have right kind of employees taking you to the top. Make a great first impression with video marketing, and watch the top talent roll in.

Exhibit and Celebrate Company Culture
Company culture is of the utmost example. Who are you? What do you do? How do people work in your offices? What do you stand for, and what are you looking to accomplish in the long term? A great job is a long term commitment. Use video to show people what they’ll be committing to. Video is the closest you can get to an authentic experience without actually bringing everyone into a room with your employees. Let them see how you celebrate your company culture. They just might want to become a part of that celebration.

Types of Videos You Can Consider
Depending on your budget, timeline and scope,here are few ways you can use to create your video:

Live shooting – This is the most common and best way to create impressive videos that can emotionally appeal to your potential employee. Generally it is done by hiring a professional video photographer to come in and do a photo-shoot of your office campus featuring different moments and the work environment. However, this can often be a very costly and time taking affair.
Animated video– There are several animated video companies who can create a cartoon or motion graphics style animated video explaining your company values and work culture. This can be done quick and within a limited budget.
Video creation software– If you are one of those who would like to do it yourself, you can try using video creating software like Videoscribe, Wideo and GoAnimate. They are generally very easy to use and if you have a creative mind, you can come up with something nice.
Research Your Competition and Deliver More
You’ll want to include the video you create along with your job postings. Take a look at popular job boards like Gumtree. View your competitors’ postings for similar jobs. Outside of posting a video with your job ad, what else can you do to set yourself apart? You want the right candidate to view your description and watch your video, feeling compelled to submit their resume to you first. Think about what they lack and what messages they aren’t selling. These should be your major talking points.

Give Your Employees a Voice
A lot of people make their purchasing decisions based on the reviews of others. If you’re trying to sell your company to a candidate, let your current employees review you. If potential employees can see the way your current employees speak about their positions and their opinions about working for your company, this just might be what it takes to make them believers. Viewers will have a face to put with the voice, and that will help them solidify what they’ve heard.

Focus on the Upsides
A lot of the upsides of working with you might be hidden in long blocks of text or small print. Do you offer education to your employees? What about advancement opportunities? Do you have office parties every time you complete a huge project together? These are excellent talking points, and they’ll make a great addition to your video. Bring these things to the forefront. People who are serious about sticking with a company will want to know what that company can offer them in the long term.

Start a Conversation
Since videos are more engaging than text posts, take that engagement to the next level. Encourage potential candidates to respond with videos, whether they be longer and more informative videos or quick participation through a platform like Snapchat. What you want to do is create a call to action that motivates potential candidates to reach out to you. You need to get the conversation going as the first step in the recruitment process.

Never underestimate the power of video as a medium. It affords you with new ways to capture attention and demonstrate your value. Going the extra mile to produce quality videos will help you make some great first impressions, and who knows if one of those people may be your CEO someday?

Credit:  Jennefer Brunetti