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2018 SPS Video Challenge


From SPS: Stamford Public Schools (SPS), in partnership with the Stamford Board of Realtors, the Ferguson Library and the Stamford Public Education Foundation announced the winners of the 2018 SPS Video Challenge. Students, staff members and alumni from across the district submitted short videos that demonstrated the essence of the SPS vision: The Stamford Public Schools . . . will challenge, inspire and prepare all students to be productive contributing members of society.

The first place video, “Because We Are,” was produced by Strawberry Hill Music Teacher Seth Goldstein, along with Principal Frank Rodriguez, Administrative Intern Sandra Carlton, Reading Teacher Jessica Petruzzelli and Ian Wheeler, a friend of the school. The following actors and musicians also starred in the winning video: Grade 2 Students Sophie Foster (lead actor), Aryan Ruia, Srijitha Rayabarapu, Diego Bars, Adele Forman, Neil Nair, Aarav Ritesh and Nika Stepanov. (See the video below)

“The winning video was very original, creative and involved teachers, students and staff,” said Contest Judge Rocky S. Progano, President and Video Producer at MediaCOM Inc., a Stamford-based video production company.

“This film conveyed a creative and original story of the SPS mission and vision as seen through the eyes of a second grade student,” said Contest Judge Leigh Morfoot, SPS parent and professional filmmaker.

The contest was part of the district’s effort to increase public awareness of, understanding of and engagement in the vision and mission.

“We received many outstanding video submissions that offered a glimpse into our schools,” said Superintendent Kim. “The videos not only demonstrate what talented storytellers and artists we have among our students and staff but also the pride they have for our district.”

APPLES Early Childhood Education Center took second place with the video, “APPLES Cultivates Habits of Mind, Body and Heart,” produced by Special Education Paraprofessional Samantha Alemseghedand Apples Interim Director Kendra Brown.

Scofield Magnet Middle School Sixth Graders Charlotte McDonald and Riley Allyn earned an Honorable Mention for their film, “Why Stamford Public Schools Inspires Us,” which was deemed the best all-student produced video submission.

The district invited community and district leaders to serve as judges. The district appreciates the time and expertise of this year’s judging panel:

o Leigh Morfoot, SPS Parent and Filmmaker

o Rocky Progano, President, MediaCOM Inc

o William Hart, SPS Alumni and Filmmaker

o Tamara Dilworth, Visual Arts Department Teacher, Westhill High School

o Louise McMinn, Technology Teacher, Scofield Magnet Middle School

o Dr. Tamu Lucero, Assistant Superintendent—Elementary

The SPS Video Challenge was open to any SPS student (and their families), staff members or alumni. The winners were announced during a press conference on Monday, May 21, 2018, at the Government Center

CREDIT: Posted in Stamford Patch on May 22, 2018

The Internet of Everything….ugh?

The Internet of Everything. So this new phrase keeps popping up. I’m sure you have seen it. What is it and what does it mean exactly? On a large scale level, Imagine if engineers at a water plant knew in advance that a Water Main was getting weak and could burst in the next few days. This could be huge and spare many from being waterless for days.

What if Rob Royea, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur is successful in creating an Internet connected Bra that detects Breast Cancer and saves lives. Awesome, right? Well this is not a pipe dream. We are currently working with Cisco and its PR Agency, Golin in capturing footage of the Film Maker who is producing a Documentary called “Detected”  (Check it out at

Its been very interesting talking with Seth Kramer, Filmmaker at Inbound Films. Listening to him talk about his personal experience and how, when he was a young boy, his best friend’s Mom lost her life to Breast cancer and the effect that had on him. Its exciting to think that lives can be saved from this awful disease!

So, I think I better grab a snack…I feeling a little hungry. Oh snap, my phone just informed me that I need to stock up on my favorite snack as I’m out…bummer. The Internet of everything…hmmm.

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