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Family Room Specialist

Introducing the Family Room Specialist


When it comes to creating the family room you desire, leave it in the hands of the professionals. The MediaCOM team features a family room specialist that is trained to help create the perfect environment for you and your family. Once the specialist finishes, you will have a true family room oasis.

Our specialist starts by creating a family room strategy based on your unique room. A variety of different things are taken into account to ensure the perfect environment for relaxation. Once the strategy is prepared, the specialist will advise you on technology needed for the room. Although there is no requirement to purchase the advise technology, it will help the ultimate goal of rest and relaxation if purchased.

With the room laid out and the technology in place, the family room specialist can assist you in installation and setup. All the technology advise will have the capability to link with all your devices. This cross-platform synching will create a simplistic control of all the family room technology. Once you’re setup, it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy the room.

Why Choose MediaCOM’s Family Room Specialist?

With over 30 years of experience, our team knows what it takes to create a relaxing atmosphere. We take a deep look into your family’s desires for the room, and estimate how you can use technology now and in the future to make those desires a reality. You won’t feel disappointed when you choose the MediaCOM specialist to assist in your family room creation.

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The Internet of Everything….ugh?

The Internet of Everything. So this new phrase keeps popping up. I’m sure you have seen it. What is it and what does it mean exactly? On a large scale level, Imagine if engineers at a water plant knew in advance that a Water Main was getting weak and could burst in the next few days. This could be huge and spare many from being waterless for days.

What if Rob Royea, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur is successful in creating an Internet connected Bra that detects Breast Cancer and saves lives. Awesome, right? Well this is not a pipe dream. We are currently working with Cisco and its PR Agency, Golin in capturing footage of the Film Maker who is producing a Documentary called “Detected”  (Check it out at

Its been very interesting talking with Seth Kramer, Filmmaker at Inbound Films. Listening to him talk about his personal experience and how, when he was a young boy, his best friend’s Mom lost her life to Breast cancer and the effect that had on him. Its exciting to think that lives can be saved from this awful disease!

So, I think I better grab a snack…I feeling a little hungry. Oh snap, my phone just informed me that I need to stock up on my favorite snack as I’m out…bummer. The Internet of everything…hmmm.

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