1. Building Relationships

Video is a great tool for increasing page views, traffic, and click-through rates. But it’s important to understand how to use video marketing to retain that traffic. Unfortunately, video views don’t always translate into sales. The trick is to appeal to viewers who are most likely to buy what you’re selling.

Videos that promote brand awareness and inspire goodwill in viewers can establish a longer-lasting relationship between a company and its clients. User engagement is the key top retaining and expanding your customer base.

2. Caring Means Sharing

Video sharing increases brand awareness.You’ve surely noticed how “viral video” has become a commonly heard phrase spoken by even infrequent online users. Everyone talks about a video they’ve seen that touched them personally, and the people they’re talking to will want to see itfor themselves.

This is the advantage video marketing has, to make a personal connection with the viewer. The intimacy of that connection, whether through comedy or a tug at the heart strings, inspires people to share videos — and it’s that process of sharing that makes them go viral. When people care about a video, they share it.

3. Video Smashes TV

The culture is shifting from television to video. With more than 200 billion online videos viewed each month, television is increasingly becoming the out-of-touch, chicken-dancing uncle to the trend-setting, twerking youngster of online video.

What this means for video marketing is an ever-expanding viewership. More desirable demographics can be identified and targeted more easily than ever. Your online videos will find more viewers — and best of all, they’re the viewers you want to find, the ones who will be receptive to the message of your business.